Upcoming Cultural Credit Events

Students join Stetson University’s intellectual and creative life outside the classroom by participating in at least three approved Cultural Credit events for each semester of enrollment at the university. These events include lectures by distinguished visitors, musical performances, plays and art shows.

Here is a new link that makes it easy for you to find the Cultural Credit calendar of events: stetson.edu/cc

Tuesday, Nov. 14

10 a.m.: Florida Formations: 500 Years of Florida Geology
4 p.m.: Career and Internship in STEM
4:30 p.m.: How to Market Yourself
5:30 p.m.: Discussion Topics in Science
6 p.m.: Racing Extinction
6 p.m.: ODE Market for Education Debate
6:15 p.m.: A Look at Refugee Resettlement
7 p.m.: Memories of the Vietnam War – Fifty Years Out
7 p.m.: Lantern Festival
7:30 p.m.: SPREES Film Series – Russian Movie: Tsirk/Circus

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Thursday, Nov. 16

9:30 p.m.: Uncouth Hour

Friday, Nov. 17

Saturday, Nov. 18

Sunday, Nov. 19