Migration from Cable TV to Philo

At the beginning of the fall semester, Stetson University announced Philo, an internet-based TV/DVR service. Philo offers the ability to watch or record traditional TV content on your smartphone, computer, or TV (using a Roku stick). Philo is available to students living on campus in residential facilities and for the limited number of faculty and staff locations currently using cable TV. For the final step in this migration, we will be disconnecting our cable TV service, effective Oct 31.

In preparation, we have installed almost 100 Roku’s in common area TV locations across campus. If your area TV still needs a Roku installed to watch television, please contact I.T.


How is Philo different from regular TV?

Philo lets you watch live TV on your TV, computer, phones, or tablet, anywhere on campus. Plus it lets you record shows for later with your personal Philo DVR. It’s TV that’s built to fit your life.

Where is Philo available?

You can watch Philo anywhere on campus as long as you’re connected to the university network. Philo is not available off campus.

Can everyone watch Philo?

If you live on campus at Stetson, you can use your MyStetson login to watch TV on any of your devices. Philo can only be viewed on one device at a time for any one user. A limited number of faculty and staff with cable TV installed will have access as well.

Do I have to pay for Philo?

Nope. Philo is included at no additional cost.

Is it complicated?

Nope. 4 easy steps.

1.       Connect to the university wired or Wi-Fi network.

2.       Visit watch.philo.com and click “Log In.”

3.       Enter your MyStetson ID.

4.       Start watching live TV or record some shows for later.

How do I connect Philo to my computer?

Simply go to watch.philo.com to start watching Philo on your computer.

How do I connect Philo to my phone or tablet?

Text Philo to 62687 for IOS and Android download links or visit the AppStore or Google Play to download the app directly.

How do I connect Philo to my TV?

You can connect Philo to your TV via Roku. Visit philo.com/roku for more details on setting up your Roku. You may also watch television content through Philo on your smartphone, tablets, computer, or common area TVs. Students living on campus who wish to use their TV and do not own a Roku may purchase one from most major retailers. If you need to use your TV and are unable to supply your own Roku, students may check out a Roku from Stetson University for the 2017-18 academic year. Please note that the ability to check out Rokus will only be for this academic year and will not continue in the future.  If you would like to check out a Roku, please complete the application that is live on your Housing Central page, which is accessible through your MyStetson page.  Any student checking out a Roku will be responsible for turning it in upon moving out of their residential building or will be billed for the cost of the device.

 Where can I learn more about Philo?

Visit support.philo.com or contact I.T. at support@stetson.edu or 386-822-7217.