Counseling, Health and Religious/Spiritual Life move to Griffith Hall!

Campus Life and Student Success is excited to share the opening of the renovated Griffith Hall space starting on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. Griffith Hall will now be home to Student Counseling Services, Health Service, and Religious and Spiritual Life.

We believe in the potential synergy between these three areas of wellness, positioned right next to the Hollis Wellness Center. This new space also expands the accessibility of these three departments, all integral to student success and wellbeing.

Each department has its own private entranceway, a change in design from what you are familiar with in Griffith. This space includes offices for our university chaplains, an open access prayer and meditation room with nearby restrooms with accessible footbaths, more space for health exam rooms, an updated laboratory and more counseling rooms. There is also a shared counseling group and workshop space.

In early spring, an open house will be planned where we will welcome you to tour the building. For now, please come do business with these three departments as you usually would, but now in Griffith Hall.

For any questions about the renovation, please reach out to staff in the three departments, or to Dean of Students Lynn Schoenberg at

Below is a timeline for the move as well as information on contacts for health and counseling during the transition period:

Friday, Oct. 27 Offices closed for packing.

Friday evening, Oct. 27, through Saturday, Oct. 28 –  Offices moving.

Sunday, Oct. 28 – Monday, Oct. 30 – Unpack and settling in. Offices closed.

Tuesday, Oct. 31 – Happy Halloween! We are open!

For Counseling and Health needs during packing and unpacking days, please do the following:

Counseling – For immediate counseling needs, such as a mental health crisis, please call Public Safety at 386.822.7300 and ask to speak with the on-call counselor. For general counseling needs, call Student Counseling Services at 386.822.8900 and leave a message. We will be checking messages periodically and return calls within 1 business day.

Health – For a Health Emergency, please call 911. For health questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 386.822.8150 and leave a message. We will be checking messages throughout the move-in period and will respond back within 2 business days.