Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day!

This week (Monday, Oct. 9), Stetson Organization for Native American Revitalization encourages you to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. If you’re interested in learning more, join Stetson Organization for Native American Revitalization on HatterSync and come to our biweekly meetings on Thursday nights. Read more about Indigenous Peoples Day below:

Honor the People.

Celebrate the people. It is not a day to revel in the pain of the past but a
day to celebrate a triumph. Native Americans are still here and still
matter. It is a day to educate and bring social justice to indigenous people
everywhere whose history is not well-known or recognized. SONAR
invites you to partake in this new day of remembrance as we celebrate
and recognize this momentous movement for this day that is taking
place across the nation.

Why do many Native Americans choose to celebrate this day differently?

It is a day to reflect on how far they have come as a people. Millions died from
the spread of disease, or the loss of their homeland. Boarding schools pushed
for traditions to be broken and a new way of life to live. Despite all the changes,
despite almost losing their culture and heritage, Native Americans have survived.
Vibrant in culture and traditions, Native Americans want to share their
story and way of life.

Why do Native Americans want the change?

Although some people see the finding of America as something to be celebrated,
there are many people for whom it brought nothing but destruction.
Many people across the Americas have chosen an alternative for this holiday.
In Latin America the “Day of the Race” is a celebration of Hispanic roots and
cultural diversity. In Venezuela, Columbus Day has been officially replaced as
the “Day of Indigenous Resistance” which recognizes native people and their
experiences. In America, Native Americans are asking for their voice to be
heard as well.