Bias Education & Response Team

We are excited to announce a new Bias Education & Response Team (BERT) for Stetson DeLand students. This work comes from the results of the Campus Climate Survey. BERT was conceptualized with input from national best practices, other universities and a team of students, staff and faculty. The hope is for this to be a pilot program this fall with improvements being made as needed. Dean of Students Lynn Schoenberg has led the development effort and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Cecil Chik will chair the BERT team. Thank you to the following individuals who also helped directly in BERT’s development, as well as countless others who have contributed: Jess Varga; Cecilia Chik; Jessica Day; Tammy L. Briant; Savannah-Jane Griffin ; Paula Hentz; Bria Thorne; Le’Cendra Kendrick; Jason McLean; and Medorie Petersen-Woodburn.

The purpose of the Bias Education & Response Team at Stetson is to provide students with an opportunity to receive education, support and appropriate resolution around bias-incidents. Please visit this web link to learn more about BERT, including an FAQ and a flow chart for reporting: At this time, only student related concerns can be handled by the BERT team.

You have always been able to report bias incidents at: Now you can use the drop down “Bias Education and Response Team” to route your report faster to the trained BERT team. If you report something through other means, the BERT team will still be activated.

The truth is, we wish bias related incidents never occurred at Stetson. We also believe in the principles of free speech. This team has been trained to try to negotiate the space where these issues overlap from the multitude of perspectives of our Stetson community. It is not designed to solve or fix things, but the hope is that perspective taking and education can go a long way.

If you have any further questions, please contact Cecil Chick at or Lynn Schoenberg at