Innovation Lab Workshops @ duPont-Ball Library

If you haven’t fully explored the duPont-Ball Library, we welcome you to visit and take a look at our Innovation Lab on the south side of the main floor where we have a number of learning technologies available for student use. We are always looking to broaden what is available but are happy to assist you with our current 3D printers, 3D scanner, Virtual Gaming station, Conversion, Soldering, Woodworking, Sewing/Embroidery, and Cricut Cutter workstations. We have both a day and night technology specialist to help get you started and answer your questions.

To learn more about the Innovation Lab, visit:

If you would like to share your interests and availability so we can better serve you, please fill out the survey below. Your input will help us create and schedule the upcoming workshops. Workshops will be added to the calendar by Friday, Oct. 6. After this date, please feel free to sign up at

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