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Teaching/Inquiry Circle

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence is pleased to announce the return of Stetson Teaching and Inquiry Circles. These Circles are a wonderful opportunity to engage with your colleagues throughout the year while learning and making progress on your academic goals.  Proposals are invited for Circles comprised of any combination of Stetson University faculty and/or CLaSS staff.

Teaching Circles bring together small groups of faculty and/or faculty/staff, who meet regularly during the academic year to discuss and build community around a particular issue or approach to learning, and disseminate what they have learned together to the Stetson community and beyond.

Inquiry Circles bring 4-6 faculty members, preferably from more than one discipline, together consistently during the academic year to support each other’s writing, provide feedback on writing projects and hold each other accountable.

When faculty and/or staff are engaged with disciplinary and interdisciplinary professional networks, networking with colleagues, this engagement expands their learning, scholarship, creative endeavors, and professional impact. Participating in a Teaching or Inquiry Circle is an example of interdisciplinary professional networking that has been particularly successful in achieving this impact.

Do you have a big idea around advancing student learning?  Are you now, or would you like to start collaborating with a team to advance your scholarly work?

For details and application go here.

Teaching Square

What is a teaching square?

The teaching squares project offers faculty at any stage in their career an opportunity to gain new insight into their own teaching through a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection. The four faculty in each “square” agree to visit one another’s classes over the course of a semester and then to meet to discuss what they’ve learned. The purpose of a Teaching Square is to open up new spaces for reflection and conversation about teaching.

Applications due to the Brown Center by Sept. 8.

Learn more and apply

Host a Writing Lockdown

Stetson’s Scholarly Writers’ Lockdown Program offers focused time, effort and support for faculty writers to immerse in and boost their writing projects. We are looking for departments to host a Lockdown by providing space, quiet, and food (light snacks). The Brown Center will take care of advertising and registration.

 If you are able to host a Writing Lockdown please sign up on the Doodle poll here and add the preferred time in the notes section.  You may also suggest an alternate date in the notes section.

Contact the Brown Center ( with any comments or questions!



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