Three Chaplains Collaborate for this Wednesday’s Sacred Space

All three of Stetson’s chaplains will collaborate on this Wednesday’s Sacred Space presentation in the Allen Hall auditorium at 1:30 p.m., followed by coffee and conversation at 2 p.m.

This is the final Sacred Space for the semester. The program will be officiated by Rev. Willie Barnes, Jr., an African Methodist Episcopal minister; Rev. Christy Correll-Hughes, a Baptist minister; and Sensei Morris Sullivan, a Jodo-Shinshu/Zen Buddhist minister. The service will emphasize interfaith dialogue.

Sacred Space offers the Stetson community a chance to take a break from the daily routine and enjoy a period of peace and interfaith spiritual reflection. The informal service is followed by coffee and conversation, when students and others can mingle and discuss spiritual life. Everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation, is welcome to attend and participate.