All-Gender Restrooms Available on Campus

Have you noticed the all-gender-restroom signs around campus? This short FAQ and the resources that follow help explain the reason and the need for the Stetson community.

“Stetson is dedicated to creating a living and learning environment where all students feel a sense of belonging and community,” said Lua Hancock, vice president for Campus Life and Student Success. “This bathroom signage project symbolizes who we are at our best as Hatters. Students, staff and administration worked side by side to complete this project.  It is important to note, especially this week, that the decision to update the bathroom signage on campus is not one based in compliance, it is one based in community.”

Why do we need gender-inclusive restrooms at Stetson University?

What is an all-gender restroom?

An all-gender restroom, sometimes called a gender-neutral or inclusive restroom, is a restroom that anyone of any gender can use. Here at Stetson University, this restroom is a single-use, lockable facility with a toilet and a sink, for use by one individual at a time, regardless of gender. We have shifted the restroom signage for bathrooms that were already single stall and had no need to have a gender label.  Gender-inclusive restrooms are denoted with a sign saying, “All Gender Restroom, Anyone can use this restroom regardless of gender identity or expression.” Signs repeat this message in braille  and, as appopriatee, denote restrooms with ADA accessibility.

Who benefits from all-gender restrooms?

  • People who are uncomfortable in gender labeled restrooms for many reasons; for example, people who do not identify with being women or men, people who vary on the gender identity spectrum and/or people who are gender nonconforming.
  • Our visiting parents/caregivers whose children are a different gender from them.
  • Other people also may benefit specifically from single-occupancy bathrooms, such as people who are introverted, and people who are breastfeeding or have other needs for privacy.
  • All of us.

Where are the all-gender restrooms?

You can identify the All-Gender Restroom Locations on our Stetson University interactive campus map. In addition, each of the residential facilities also has all-gender restrooms identified as well; please reach out to a residential life team member for the locations.

Resources on gender-inclusive restrooms

What is Gender?

Gender Spectrum Resources

“Transgender People Need Safe Restrooms,” a Huffington Post article by Mason Davis, Executive Director of the Transgender Law Project

Peeing in Peace: A Resource Guide for Transgender Activists and Allies

Stetson resources

Students wishing to change their name on their Stetson ID card and e-mail name display can contact Dean of Students Lynn Schoenberg,, or Director of Diversity and Inclusion Cecil Chik,, for assistance. The Counseling Center (386) 822-8900 and Health Service (386) 822-8150, are good resources on campus and also can provide referrals for off-campus support when needed.

Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition Conference

Stetson University will host the 14th annual Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition (FCPC) Conference on March 31-April 2. This year’s theme, Inside Out, centers on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) issues faced within society today. The conference focuses on disparities, including mental health, education and holistic wellness both inside and out. Inside Out is designed to bring individuals from the Florida and southeastern region together to discuss issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and empower individuals to become leaders and advocates within their own communities.

The conference is free to all Stetson University students. To register or find out more, please visit our website

Multiple people from various departments worked to compile this information and resources, and to finalize and post signage for the entire Stetson community including:
Jessica Curry and others at Housing and Residential Life
Students Terrance Johnson and Bek Luke
Andy Anderson and Al Allen in Facilities Management
Lua Hancock in Campus Life and Student Success
President’s Cabinet

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