Stetson SSC Updates Feb. 13

Hello Hatters,

The following are updates related to our Student Success software, Stetson SSC. Updates in this message relate to accessing former student information, searching for groups of students, and searching for section level course participants. As always, there are user guides available on the Stetson SSC Help website, and questions about the system can be directed toward Colin MacFarlane ( | 386.740.2538). Questions about student outreach efforts related to Stetson SSC alerts should be directed toward Aaron Distler ( | 386.722.7127)

Accessing Former Student Information
Stetson SSC now has former students in the system. Efforts are underway to include all available Banner information, but currently, this population will have limited information from Banner.

  • Former students include graduates, exits/approved leaves of absence, and withdrawals from the previous three semesters. Users will be able to see the history information for outreach, alerts, etc. and will be able to add notes to those students’ records.

Searching for Groups of Students
Related to the above, it is now more critical to filter one’s search to ensure just the active population is involved. To do this, Categories have been associated with students that can be found in the Student Information section of the Advanced Search filters. The Categories are listed below. Using these filters should ensure your search results only include your desired population.

  • Current DeLand Undergraduates
  • Current DeLand Grad Students
  • Current ADC Degree Completion Students
  • Current Celebration Grad Students
  • Current Online Grad Students

Searching for Section Level Course Participants
The bug related to section level course search results has been resolved. This means users can perform a search (and save it as a saved search for easy future access, if desired) on a specific section of a course. This will allow faculty to create saved searches of each class they teach instead of only being able to work from the overall “Students in My Classes” list.

In Community,

Colin MacFarlane
Director of Assessment and Operational Effectiveness

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