Want to sleep better, think better, feel better? Good Digestive Health may be the Key.

Do you or someone you know have trouble sleeping? Feeling fatigued mentally and physically? Did you know for some people digestive health is linked to sound sleep and mental clarity?  Want to know more?  Then you should consider joining the Digestive Health study conducted in the Department of Health Sciences.

Under the supervision of Health Sciences faculty, Dr. Michele Skelton, undergraduate students Gary Music and Makayla Owens are looking for students, faculty and staff interested in a 4-week study on digestive health.  If you qualify for the study, you will be provided at no cost to you a series of digestive screening tests.  You may also qualify for a 4-week supply of probiotics and/or digestive supplements. Supplies are limited so act quickly. To learn more about the Digestive Health Study, contact Michele Skelton at mskelton@stetson.edu, Gary Music at gmusic@stetson.edu or Makayla Owens at mhowens@stetson.edu.