John B. Challenge – Which Housing Area Will Win?

Want FREE Chick-Fil-A, T-Shirts, SkyZone passes, and a one-week parking pass that lets you park anywhere on campus? Come to the John B. Challenge – Women’s and Men’s Basketball this Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m.!

Athletics has teamed up with Housing and Residential Life to bring you the John B. Challenge – a competition between housing areas on campus. The area with the highest percentage of turnout will receive a free Chick-Fil-A meal! Come check-in during the basketball games and you could win some awesome prizes! Please bring ID to check-in.

Housing areas are as follows:

  • Chaudoin, House 4
  • Emily, House C, House 6
  • UVA, House D, House 5
  • Hollis, Smith, Palms, House A
  • Catalyst, Carson, Gordis, House B
  • Conrad, Nemec, House 2, House 3
  • Hatter, UHall, House F
  • Cove, Oaks, Plymouth, House 1
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