Workshop on Music Scholarship – This Thursday!

Join the Workshop on Music and Creative Arts Scholarship* on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 3:30 p.m. in Presser Hall room 112 for a discussion by Dr. Peter Smucker on his current research. The workshop is an open faculty forum to provide feedback on ongoing research. Feel free to attend all or part of the workshop.

Appalachian Folk Music and the Supernatural: Tracing Social Encounters in Kentucky Route Zero
Dr. Peter Smucker
This paper draws connections between social alienation and supernatural encounters through the use of Appalachian folk music in video games, film, and television. My primary focus is music from Kentucky Route Zero (2013–), a video game that builds on legends of Appalachian ghost stories. [more]
*This workshop is funded through the Inquiry and Teaching Circles project from the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence.  To learn more about Circles or apply for funding, visit