The Blackboard Ultra Experience – WEEKLY UPDATE

You’re invited to test drive Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Base Navigation experience!

Based on user feedback, Blackboard built the Ultra Base Navigation user experience for both learners and educators that is more modern, personalized, and intuitive. Blackboard zeroed in to improve your most-used features and significantly reduced your clicks per task.

If you are ready to preview the Ultra Experience, press here to register for an account on a test site provided by Blackboard. Please keep in mind, Stetson will be going live on Dec. 22, 2016, with the Ultra Base Navigation Experience and the Original Learn Course Experience. This means we will use the new Ultra interface, but maintain the original look, feel and function of Blackboard Learn, our current course delivery interface.

REMINDER: A general overview of the Blackboard Ultra Experience and training schedule is currently posted in the online Faculty Resource Center (FRC). To access the FRC, after logging into Blackboard, press the Faculty Resource Center tab in the upper-right of screen. From there, navigate to the Ultra Upgrade Center from the left-side navigation menu. Press the ULTRA Upgrade Center link and go to the Training Information and Schedule folder for the most current session overviews and dates. Be advised you must RSVP to attend any session, and sessions that do not have at least 2 RSVPs will be rescheduled.

Feel free to contact the OOLET office with any questions or concerns:

Best regards,

Lisa Sawtell
Director of Online Learning and EdTech