Rotaract’s Canned Food Drive

Rotaract is a collegiate community service and professional development organization for young men and women aged 18-30 valuing diversity. Our club is sponsored by the DeLand Breakfast Rotary and a part of Rotary International. After being on hiatus, Rotaract has been rechartered this year after its initial charter in 2004. We are always looking for potential Rotaractors to help engage in the service of helping others, as well as developing professional and leadership skills while respecting the rights of others. Besides acts of community service, we participate in conferences and study abroad opportunities.

The charter officers are as follows: Elijah McCoy (President), Maya Ferdschneider (Vice-President), Tyler Olivia Thomas (Secretary), Caitlynn Erken (Treasurer), Lauren Hirliman (Volunteer Coordinator), Brittany Foster (Volunteer Coordinator), Sherry Register (Executive Public Relations Director) and Bianca Santimaw (Public Relations Director).

The charter members are as follows: Mary Anampa, Sydney Arrington, Genicelle Barrington, Salma Belakbir, Kala Diltz, Makeba Dorival, Chloe Foster, Alexis Gates, Adi Gonzalez, Chelsie Gurley, Kelsie Gurley, Kelsy Jonah, Marina Kalliecharan, Tiffaney Langhorn, Abby Mutiganzi, Stacey Odoi, Andrew Noel, KaCee Perkins, Jahkeema Petersen, Cody Reeves, Andrea Rojas, Alessandra Sanchez, Shemeca Smith and Naimah Stimpson.

We are one of the first organizations recently approved by SGA. To kick off November, we are establishing some amazing opportunities for students and faculty to connect with this organization. The first major event is our Thanksgiving Can Food Drive that will be held in front of the Carlton Student Union building (CUB) from 12-2pm on Nov. 7-11th and Nov. 14th. All cans will be donated to feed families during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have any question, contact us at or You may also visit our website for recent updates – Thanks!

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