Blackboard Ultra Upgrade

Information Technology and the Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology (OOLET) are pleased to announce the Blackboard Ultra Experience will be implemented on Dec. 22.  The Ultra Experience is an upgrade to our existing Blackboard learning management system and “Ultra” is used to describe the transformation of the user interface and workflows in Blackboard Learn.

The Ultra Experience brings important benefits to instructors and students, such as a more intuitive user interface.  It also includes streamlined workflows, a personalized user experience that brings aggregated and actionable information to a user’s view, and a mobile-first design.  While the Ultra interface, also known as the Blackboard Home Page, has been completely redesigned, the actual courses delivery functionality is almost unchanged.

The new Ultra interface replaces the old module-based page design with a new, global left-side navigation menu which provides access to the tools formally located in the modules and tabs. Another very cool feature is the addition of the up-to-the-minute activity stream, which lets you jump directly into course actions.  No digging through the system, searching for deadlines, or missing assignments.  You can also view reminders on pending deadlines or assignments and tests, check your gradebook, and get a bird’s-eye view of your tasks across all your course activity (which can be filtered too!).  This feature is great for students, too, because it streamlines this information for all their current classes.


We are all very excited about this upgrade and want to support everyone throughout this process!  To keep you fully informed throughout the upgrade, OOLET will be sending weekly reminders and updates via the online Faculty Resource Center.  We are also planning webinars and face-to-face training sessions to ensure you are fully prepared for the Ultra Experience.  Please take the time to read the announcement email each week for general updates and important scheduling information for our online and face-to-face training sessions (to be posted next week).

In the meantime, feel free to contact the OOLET office with any questions or concerns: