Impacts of a hurricane

Hurricanes can cause disruption to your daily life and even your emotions. The Office of Human Resources offers the following ideas that can help you focus on what’s important:

• Check with authorities before returning to your home or
re-entering damaged areas — your safety is their first concern.
• Focus on meeting primary needs — food, clothing and shelter.
• Take time each day to do a self-check-in and take care of your
emotional needs.
• If possible, try to maintain a routine for sleeping and eating to help
you cope more effectively with post-hurricane challenges.
• Hurricanes can leave a trail of destruction and loss in their wake.
You may find yourself and others experiencing grief reactions:
shock and disbelief, anger, bargaining (“If this goes away, I promise
to be a better person.”), depression and finally acceptance.
• Create a prioritized list of what you’ll need to do and the resources
you’ll need.
• Keep in mind that rebuilding sometimes takes time.
Have patience.

Despite your best efforts, there are times when you may find yourself confused, struggling and in need of help. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) is here for you — 24/7, 365 days a year — to provide support for you and your family. Our highly-trained staff can help by:

• Providing resources for child and elder care
• Discussing support options for emotional distress
• Locating local, state and federal aid
• Finding home repair services to help with clean-up efforts
• Locating temporary housing
• Identifying opportunities for financial assistance, and
much more

And it’s all available at no charge to you. Just need to talk?
We’re here to listen. 1-800-272-7252