Low Cost Personal Property Insurance-Available to Students and Staff

AJ Gallagher & Allianz now offers low-cost personal property insurance to both students and employees. This insurance has very low deductibles and premiums, and includes coverage for accidental damage, including damage to your electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops etc. (a frequent cause of loss that many homeowners policies will not cover).

Most homeowners policies carry a $500 or higher deductible per each claim, and the University’s commercial property insurance only covers University owned property; not personal property of others.  The college personal property policy offers deductibles as low as $25, and premiums as low as $69 per year!  Most electronics can be covered for around $100/year with a low $25 deductible.

This policy also covers bicycles*, jewelry, fine arts and musical instruments up to $2000, which can have a high risk of theft.  It also includes coverage for incidents of theft, flood, hurricane, lightning dmg/surges, fire, etc.

This policy will pay claims regardless of any other property insurance you may have, including a homeowners policy.  You do not have to live on campus or rent to obtain this coverage.

If you are a student or employee, and are interested in this personal property insurance, please go to the following website to obtain more information, look over the rates, and to sign up for the coverage online:


You can start this insurance at any time and it is good for 1 year from the start date and covers your personal property even when home on break or while traveling anywhere in the world. If you are a student, talk this over with your parents.  Don’t wait until you have a loss – think about it now.

** Please note that as with all property policies, to submit a claim, you will need some type of proof of ownership such as: purchase receipt, credit card copy, original packaging, or a serial number and photo. It is recommended that you take a photo of your covered property, especially the most valuable property, and write down any applicable serial numbers and keep any relevant receipts or credit card statements.

* Policy covers sports equipment and bikes as long as they are not motorized

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