Zika Virus and Global Health Crisis: Dialogue on Current Events during Values Day

The inaugural Dialogue on Current Events during Values Day will engage participants in diverse conversations, one of which is Zika Virus and Global Health Crisis.  We invite the University community to participate in this dialogue and provide below a few questions and resources for discussion. We also invite experts on these and related topics to join the conversation and we especially invite you those  unable to attend to review the linked resource.

Related, the public is invited learn about Zika Virus and efforts being taken to slow down the spread here in Volusia County. Presenters include Dr. Paul A. Rehme, Director of Disease Control for the Florida Department of Health—Volusia County and Jim McNelly, Director of Mosquito Control—Volusia County. Reservations are not needed. Call (386) 734-4425 for more information.

September 20, 2016 – 7:00 p.m.
Trinity United Methodist Church
306 W. Wisconsin Avenue, DeLand, FL


  1. Who is Zika an issue for?
  2. What methods are currently addressing Zika Virus transmission and infection?
  3. What is the role of gender and sexuality?
  4. What should be the U.S. Congress’ response to Zika Virus?
  5. What could be the economic impact of the spread of Zika Virus?
  6. Is the spread of Zika Virus a Global Health Crisis?
  7. What should be our socially-responsible response: individual and institutional?


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