Values Day “Dream Garden” at Hand Art Center

Stetson Values Day Dream Garden

1 0 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20, Hand Art Center

Dream Garden is a site-specific project by new media artist Matt Roberts, poet Terri Witek and software developer Michael Branton to gather, graft and nurture Stetson’s dreams. Each time a campus citizen texts a seven-word dream (a poetic form to move private experience into public space), that dream automatically joins others both in an Augmented Reality “garden” at the center of campus – Holler Fountain – and online at Anyone can visit this changing community dream garden by:

  1.    Entering the physical space and using the free AR app Layar on a smart phone or tablet
  2.    Visiting the project website

The artists plan to launch this work with a brief onsite performance and demonstration in the Hand Art Center. A postcard with instructions will ensure that visitors can continue to contribute their dreams long after Values Day.

Dream Garden will show how some community resources– like citizens’ dreams translated into seven-word poems – can inhabit and expand a space without wounding it, colonizing it or wasting natural resources.  As a political space, it’s urban renewal and greening without displacement.  As a philosophical space it suggests that dreaming together may change a city and even a country.  As a community garden it suggests that our dreams aren’t wasted — they are growable, transplantable, and in the space of the project, both virtual and real.