Housing and Residential Life Posting and Advertising Details

Housing and Residential Life would like to continue its commitment to supporting events and activities across the campus. One way we do this is by providing areas in our residential halls as a palette for advertising to the residential population. As you are planning, if you wish to utilize our office for distribution of marketing, please following the below instructions. Please keep in mind the organizational Advertising Policy.

We prefer that advertisements are approved by Hub in the CUB prior to being brought to Housing and Residential Life

  • All Advertisements must contain general event details (date, time, location) and contact information for questions.
  • Approved flyers must be dropped off in the HRL Central office located in University Hall at least 14 days prior to the event you wish to advertise.
    • Note: If flyers are not turned in on time to our department we make no guarantees that advertisements will be placed up in the halls.
  • Distribution for us happens generally once a week during our Wednesday evening staff meetings.
  • PLEASE separate them according to the Residential Life Coordinator’s (RLC) area where they will be posted. Only the following number of flyers will be posted in each building:
RLC Barbara Hawkins

Chaudoin – 8

Emily – 8

U Hall – 2





TOTAL – 18

RLC Cecil Chik

Houses 1-7 – 7

Houses A-F – 6

Conrad – 3

Catalyst Houses – 3




TOTAL – 19

RLC Juan Escobar

Smith – 6

Gordis – 6

Carson/Hollis – 4

Nemec – 10




TOTAL – 26

 AD Jes/ RLC Interim

Hatter – 5

UVA – 4

St. Cove – 2

Oaks – 2

Plymouth – 1

Palms – 1


TOTAL – 15


If you have any questions please email reslife@stetson.edu or call 386-822-7201. Thank you for your cooperation.  We look forward to helping you publicize your events!

Thanks and Go Hatters!

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