Be a Star of The Hatter’s Coaches Show!

Want to throw a pie at a Hatter?

Now is your chance.

You can show your school spirit, voice your fan opinion and “pie a player” during The Hatter’s Coaches Show – 15 minutes of interactive fun about Stetson athletics that debuts Sept. 2 on YouTube.

The pre-taped show’s featured segment of student vs. athlete is called Catch a Pie. Students can pick the challenge, almost any zany challenge, with the loser getting a pie. Just tweet your challenge with #SBP. Or with #stetsonbroadcastproductions for Instagram.

“Send us your pictures, send us your comments, send us your questions, send us your challenge – so that we can include you in our broadcast!” says Jeff Taylor, Stetson’s director of broadcasting.

The show, broadcasted online leading up to each home football game, is modeled after the fast-paced format of ESPN’s popular “Sports Nation” TV show. A host leads a head coach (Roger Hughes for football) through discussions of past and future games, opponents and players – all mixed with a little mayhem. The plan is to broadcast shows throughout the year for various sports.

You can be a star of the show, but you must submit your pictures, comments, questions and challenges soon. The deadline for show No. 1 is Sept. 1.

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