Nominate Stetson as #MyTopCollege

Students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff: Tell the world why Stetson University is #MyTopCollege. Forbes is hosting its annual social-media contest and challenging everyone to “share social posts that show off their school spirit and, especially, what is most unique about their schools.” Use #MyTopCollege and @StetsonU in your posts to make them count.

This year’s contest theme is “Connections.” Contest hosts want to know what connects you to Stetson and the Stetson community. It could be your connection to your Stetson network of friends and alumni, traditions, or your college service or study abroad experience. Overall, the rules say to show “how your school has connected you to different and meaningful opportunities and people.”

Post on one – or all – of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. Remember to include the #‎MyTopCollege hashtag and tag the university’s main Twitter handle @StetsonU in your posts!

The contest continues through Aug. 4, when three schools will be crowned as champions. For more information about #MyTopCollege, see this Forbes article.

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