Stetson Summer Reading Institute

What are your kids learning this summer?

The Office of Boundless Learning invites you to enroll your children in our Summer Reading Institute. This program teaches various reading techniques to children ranging from four-years-old to 11th-grade students in order to improve their speed, comprehension and critical thinking skills. Many students find that the skills learned in this program not only help them in their academics, but also encourage them to read for pleasure. Students who read daily are proven to perform better in classes, standardized tests and interviews. This program will improve any student’s lexicon and grammar simply by engaging them in their reading.

Boundless Learning is offering a $99 course promotion for the children of faculty and staff members! This promotion is first-come, first-serve and is limited. Please call Midge McDaniel at 321-939-7619 to receive the discount information.

For more information, visit:

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