Deschenes wins Raymond Beyond the Classroom Grant

Ashni Deschenes, a Stetson University junior who will be traveling to Nicaragua this summer to pursue her passion for public health, has won the 2016 Mike Raymond Beyond the Classroom Grant. This is the eighth Raymond grant that has been awarded.

She will receive $1,000 to help fund her summer passion project: returning to Nicaragua to hold public health informational sessions and administer blood tests to check for and treat parasitic infections.

In her application, Deschenes, who also plays soccer at Stetson, wrote that she hopes to implement a system for health education in Nicaragua that she first observed on a visit to Haiti, and wrote that despite the challenges, “I have finally found something that I am passionate about and am ready to explore every option to put this idea in to action.”

The Raymond Grant is awarded annually to students who have achieved junior standing and actively pursue their passions for learning outside of the domain of assignments, credits, and compulsory education.

It’s named for Michael W. Raymond, Ph.D., a professor of English at Stetson University until his death in 2007, who strongly believed that higher education was an opportunity for students to discover their passions.


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