Spring Break Energy Initiative

Before you leave for break, remember to do your part to help us reduce unnecessary energy consumption!

Spring break is a great opportunity to reduce Stetson University’s annual carbon footprint. Over the break, the following heating and cooling practices will be in effect:

  • The occupied* schedule hours for most non-residential buildings will be reduced to university business hours.
  • Other buildings will be scheduled according to posted spring break hours.

How You Can Help:

  • Turn off all computers, monitors, speakers, and printers.
  • Unplug all chargers, fans, coffee makers, radios, and other items that are plugged into an outlet and can be unplugged without damage.
  • If you have a thermostat:
    • For Some – make sure the fan is set to “Auto” and turn the temperature back to the unoccupied* set point (82 degrees in cooling mode or 55 degrees in heating).
    • For All Others – Return the +/- 2 degree setting to “0”.
  • Unplug and clean out refrigerators.
  • Close blinds and tilt the slats upwards.
  • Last one out: Turn off the lights!

*Occupied / Unoccupied set points can be found in the university’s Energy and Water Conservation Policy.

Energy Inquiries, Troubleshooting:

Chris Cloudman
Phone: (386) 822-8822
Email: chriscloudman@stetson.edu

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