United Healthcare Rx Information

The Office of Human Resources will be sending out a series of communications about the many benefits offered under the university’s new health insurance provider, United Healthcare (UHC).  The purpose of this announcement is to make you as an employee aware of the prescription drug benefits under United.

Rx Copays

United Healthcare offers full prescription coverage under a three tiered premium. The tier copays are $7 for tier 1, $50 for tier 2, and $80 for tier 3. This tier structure matches previous coverage under FloridaBlue. However, the way UHC divides drugs between the tier systems is different. Under FloridaBlue, all generic drugs were listed as tier one, preferred brand drugs were listed as tier two, while non-preferred drugs were listed as tier 3. Under UHC all drugs are divided between the tiers based on cost, and not based on the brand name/type. The purpose of this is to incentivize members to utilize the lowest cost alternative whenever possible, to keep overall premiums low.

Rx Discounts

There are several ways to ensure you as a member of UHC receive the best rate for your prescription coverage. The first is to talk to your doctor about your coverage under UHC and to ask for any lower cost alternatives wherever possible. The second is to consider using OptumRx, UHC’s mail order pharmacy program. This service, which is the preferred option for certain maintenance medications, allows employees to receive a 90 day supply mailed directly to their homes at 2.5 times the monthly copay (there is not a 90 day retail pharmacy option with UHC).  Also, talk to your pharmacy about prescription discounts they may offer. Various pharmacies that are in UHC’s network receive discounts from pharmaceutical companies for certain prescriptions, which may reduce the cost of the drug beyond the copay amount.

Helpful Sites

Finally, Human Resources encourages you to visit our website on prescription benefits, https://www.stetson.edu/other/benefits/2016-rx-information.php . This page contains information from UHC about drug benefits and details on programs related to prescription coverage. Also, please make sure you create your profile on www.myuhc.com or using the myuhc app to help track costs and take advantage of other benefits. Please feel free to contact HR if you have any questions.