Winter Break Energy Conservation

Before you leave for the break, remember to do your part to help us save energy!

  • Turn off & unplug energy-using items (computers, monitors, printers, etc.).
  • Turn thermostats to the specified unoccupied set point (Cooling 82, Heating 55).
  • Clean out & unplug small refrigerators. Make sure to leave the door open!
  • Unplug microwaves, coffee makers, & other small appliances that have a light.

Winter Break Energy Consumption Efforts

The winter break is one of our largest opportunities to reduce Stetson University’s annual carbon footprint. Over the break, the following heating and cooling practices will be in effect:

  • The occupied* schedule hours for most non-residential buildings will be reduced to university business hours (The buildings will be scheduled as unoccupied* during the days listed as university holidays).
  • Residential buildings will remain under unoccupied schedules except for rooms authorized by the Department of Housing and Residential Life.

*Occupied / Unoccupied set points can be found in the university’s Energy and Water Conservation Policy

Energy Inquiries, Troubleshooting:

Chris Cloudman
Phone: (386) 822-8822

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