Campus Construction Update

The Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center

The foundation of the new Welcome Center is nearing completion.The foundation includes concrete reinforced with steel bars designed to support the weight of the steel beams and the block walls. The installation of the concrete block walls began the week of December 7. The concrete blocks will form the exterior walls for this three story structure and interior weight bearing walls. As our students and faculty return from the semester break, the concrete block walls will be visible through the construction fence.

Carlton Union Building

The Carlton Union Building (CUB) expansion and renovation will be completed in four major phases:

Phase One included the new parking area east of the CUB and north of Sorority House One and the Honors House, and was completed in August 2015. This parking area will provide parking for the students living in Sorority Houses One, Four, Five, the two Honors Houses and 15 spaces for faculty and staff. The new parking area replaces the parking area immediately east of the CUB and provides 24 additional parking spaces compared to the number of spaces available in this area of campus.

Phase Two of the expansion and renovation of the CUB includes the relocation of the utilities that serve the CUB, the Hollis Center and Griffith Hall. The relocation of the chilled water lines, overhead electric power lines and fiber cables for the campus internet, phone and cable television, is scheduled to begin on Dec. 12. A construction fence will be installed for safety reasons at that time. The chilled water, electric and cable lines will be buried underground during the semester break. The construction fence will remain in place until the entire project is complete in 2018. When the project is complete the former parking area will be converted to a “green space” that includes grass, landscaping, parking for individuals requiring access and walkways for pedestrians. As Stetson faculty, staff and resident students return after the semester break, they will use the new parking area.

Phase Two also includes the expansion and renovation of the north wing and construction of a temporary kitchen. The first floor of the north wing expansion will provide space for the bookstore, convenience store, post office, copy center and mechanical spaces. The second floor will include space for the student lounge, student organizations and student government. This work will begin in January 2016 and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2016. The temporary kitchen will be operational in early June 2016 to serve our summer operations and will continue to serve Dining Services through 2017.

Phase Three includes construction of new kitchen serving areas, dining spaces and outdoor patio dining overlooking the new “green space” east of the CUB.

Phase Four includes renovation to the Commons dining area, Coffee Shop, Faculty Lounge, south lobby, Stetson Room and space used by student affairs.

Lynn Business Center

The primary computer equipment and servers that serve the DeLand campus and the university are located on the lower level of the Lynn Business Center (LBC). New Information Technology equipment requires more electrical power and cooling than is currently available in the building. As a result, we are increasing the electric power, cooling and emergency generation capacity. The areas primary affected during the project include the service and delivery drive on the east side of the building and the exterior stairs between the LBC and the Wands Center for Technology. This project is being coordinated by the Information Technology and Facilities Management departments so as not to cause any disruption of IT service to the campus community. This critical infrastructure protection initiative is scheduled for completion in Spring 2016.

We appreciate the support, understanding and patience of the campus community as we work through these projects designed to enhance the campus experience.

Visit Stetson’s Campus Construction for more information and photo galleries.

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