Update: The Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center

The construction of the foundation for the Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center is in process. The first step is digging holes located by the architects and structural engineer that are four feet deep into the dirt imported to the site. These holes contain steel bars that provide strength to hold the weight of the building. The steel bars will then be covered with concrete that will serve as the foundation for the building. At locations determined by the structural engineer steel columns, approximately 40 feet in length, will be anchored to the foundation. The steel columns essentially serve as the skeleton which will support the floors and roof of the building. Between the steel columns will be concrete blocks that form the exterior walls and weight bearing interior walls. As construction continues the concrete blocks will be covered with brick. The brick color and pattern of the brick will complement the bricks on Elizabeth Hall.

The Welcome Center has been designed and is being constructed to serve the campus community for 100 plus years. This quality of construction is consistent with the majority of buildings built on campus. Buildings on campus that exceed 100 plus years of age include: DeLand Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Flagler Hall, Sampson Hall, Chaudoin Hall, Conrad Hall, Cummings Gymnasium, the President’s Residence and the current Human Resources building. Designing and constructing the Welcome Center to serve the campus community for 100 plus years is a reflection of our confidence that a Stetson education will continue to be valued by Stetson Hatters for generations to come.

Visit Stetson University Construction Projects for more information and to view the photo albums.

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