In a combined effort to enhance campus security, Stetson Public Safety and Information Technology would like to introduce the campus community to the Stetson Hatter Alert Emergency Notification System.

The Stetson Hatter Alert Emergency Notification System is used to keep individuals informed during emergency situations as it pertains to Stetson University and the various campuses.  When a situation requires immediate attention, recipients will receive a phone call, a text message, and an email.  Beginning October 1, 2015, when you log in to MyStetson, if you have not subscribed to this system in the past, you will see the following alert message.

You can only skip this process for a total of five times before you will be locked out of accessing MyStetson until you complete this request.  When you select the “click here” link, the following box will appear.

Here you can provide a phone number and a number to receive texts (they can be the same).  Your Stetson email will automatically be linked to this system.

If you need to update this information in the future, a link can be found in MyStetson within the Employee tab for employees, and within the One Stop tab, then under the Personal Info drop down menu for students.