Campus Construction Project Update

Stetson’s Campus Construction Project is designed to make the DeLand campus greener, cleaner and more pedestrian-friendly. The latest update includes the following information:

The parking lot on the north side of DeLand Hall is on schedule for opening to visitors and others, Oct. 2; the concrete was poured this past week. With Stetson’s commitment to environmental sustainability, it’s important to list the main environmental advantages of using concrete, as opposed to asphalt:

  1. Concrete reflects less heat than a black surface.
  2. Concrete is made of local materials with a higher percentage of recycled materials than asphalt.
  3. Asphalt is made of petroleum byproducts.
  4. A concrete surface lasts three times longer than asphalt, which has a financial benefit, too.

Also, the parking lot will be lighted with solar lighting, which reduces light pollution.

The increased number of parking spaces in this parking lot will benefit the university community as a whole, offering an increased number of parking spaces not only for prospective students and their families, but also for alumni, campus visitors and concert-goers in Elizabeth Hall; plus it will include more parking spaces for people with disabilities.

The university’s flagpole will be relocated to the former CUB Circle, just west of the Carlton Union Building’s main entrance. Five brick paver walkways have been laid, each representing a different branch of the United States Armed Services, and each leads to the flagpole. This area is scheduled to be completed by Veterans Day, Nov. 11, also during the week of Stetson’s Homecoming and football game Nov. 14.

Next week, this report will include the proactive approach the university is taking to protect Stetson’s critical infrastructure. It will explain the efforts to replace old fiber lines with new ones, running from the Lynn Business Center to the CUB.

Stay up-to-date with Stetson’s Campus Construction Projects website.

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