Are You The Next Social Influencer…VOTE For Reality Campaign TODAY!


Ever wonder how students get picked to be in the Reality Campaign posters up around campus?

Now is your chance to nominate a friend. The Reality Campaign posters around campus depict students who are “social influencers.” We are looking for a new batch of “social influencers” for this year’s campaign.

What is a Social Influencer: A student who is respected, seen as cool and an overall likeable guy/girl by a majority of students and organizations. This student has a vibrant social life but is also responsible. They might drink at parties, but don’t get “wasted.” Peers listen to this student and value their opinion. The presence of this student is contagious and all students aspire to be around this individual.

Click the link below for a chance to nominate up to five students. The students listed the most will be contacted. It will only take one minute of your time! So get to nominating! 🙂