Stetson University Welcomes Two Fulbright Scholars


WORLD: The David and Leighan Rinker Center for International Learning would like to introduce two amazing Fulbright Scholars to our campus community.

Raquel Ferreira Sampaio dos Santos from State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mustafa Bouarrouj from Institut Superieur des Sc Hum de Tunis, Tunisia, are each working with the Modern Languages and Literatures Department to contribute toward the department’s goals.

Bouarrouj will be taking part in the collaborative effort between Stetson University and Embry-Riddle University to bring Arabic instruction to students at both institutions through a shared virtual classroom.

“Undisputedly, my biggest dream is to become an international conference interpreter, earn my doctorate and become a lecturer at many universities,” said Bouarrouj. “Becoming an FLTA will cultivate my teaching skill set and further my knowledge and mastery of English in a context of multiculturalism. Becoming part of this program will make me play a significant role as a teacher of Arabic that collaborates consistently with peers from all over the world to consolidate the faith in a peaceful world where knowledge and cultural understanding have no boundaries.”

Santos  will be working closely with other faculty members to create an outstanding Portuguese language learning program.

“My objective is to live a new experience in a foreign university that will provide the best time of my life. I want to live the culture of the USA, and at the same time share the Brazilian one,” said Santos. “In other words, I don’t want just to teach grammar or vocabulary of the Portuguese language. I want to go further, once I consider that language is not limited to contents, but it is a style of life of a nation. I understand that I am in a continuous process of learning about myself and about the world.”

Please extend your own welcome to each of them as you can.

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