City of DeLand Water Shutdown

Please be advised, the City of DeLand has scheduled a water shutdown on Sunday, July 26th starting at 5:30 a.m. to replace two main water valves on Bert Fish and Pennsylvania Avenues.  The following buildings will be affected:

DeLand Hall; Elizabeth Hall; Sampson Hall; DuPont Ball Library; Sage Hall, Sorority Houses 1-7; Carlton Union Building; Conrad Hall; Griffith Hall; Bookstore; Hollis Center/Pool; Health Services; Counseling Center; World Learning Center; Center for Community Engagement; Cross Cultural Center; Chaudoin Hall; Emily Hall; Wilson Center; Edmunds Center; Ruggles House and Fraternity Houses D &E.

In addition, the following rental properties will be affected:  205 E. University Avenue; 209 E. University Avenue; 220 E. University Avenue; 605 N. Amelia Avenue; 623 N. Amelia Avenue; 625 N. Amelia Avenue and 246 E. Florence Avenue.

The water that services these facilities will be down for approximately 6-8 hours.  Once water has been restored, there will be a 48 hour BOIL ALERT in place, which means the water is safe to bathe/wash with but NOT consume.