Results of the 2015-2016 Presidential and Senatorial Elections

The Student Government Association Election for President and Vice President for the 2015-2016 academic year was held April 13 – April 17, 2015.

A total of 612 registered undergraduate Stetson students from the DeLand campus voted in the Presidential election. The results are as follows:

Class of 2018 Representatives (187 voters)

·         Tyler Hunt

·         Alyssa Morley

·         Ian MacLean

·         Michael Goldman 

Class of 2017 Representatives (158 voters)

·         Victoria Marsh

·         Rebecca Klonel

·         Jordyn Wise

·         Frank DiMarco

 Class of 2016 Representatives (137 voters)

·         Conner Mitchell

·         Peter Lubas

·         Cara Apsley

·         Tanner Grunder

 School of Business Representatives (189 voters)

·         Christina Lint

·         Sarah Feeney

 School of Music Representatives (14 voters)

·         Leia Schwartz

School of Arts and Sciences Representatives (358 voters)

·         Melissa Trible

·         Ruth Pierre-Charles

·         Todd Akin

·         Brandi Pittman

 Commuters (126 voters)

·         Marge Lacombe

 Presidential Election (612 voters)

  • Aaron Bibbee and Danny Humphrey – 64.95% of total votes
  • Austin Miller and Jordan Cockfield – 32.66% of total votes
  • Abstentions –2.39% of total votes

Congratulations to Aaron Bibbee and Danny Humphrey. Thank you to all students who participated in the SGA Election and made their voices heard as citizens of our campus community.

If there are any questions regarding the election, please direct them to the SGA Electoral Committee at


The 2015 SGA Electoral Committee

Sarah Davidovich, Chair
Tyler Wayne & Jodi Campbell