Looking for student participants for study on ADD/ADHD

Hey there!

Do you have ADD/ADHD? Would you be interested in being part of applied research on the topic? We are currently looking for male and female students with ADD/ADHD and if you meet the following criteria we would love for you to consider participating:

  • Age 18-24
  • Verified case of ADD/ADHD
  • Health in good standing (covered more in Informed Consent Form, link attached)

If interested, please contact the following via phone or email for information on testing and location(s):

Thomas Beckett

Dr. Matthew Schrager, Ph.D.

The research sessions will last no more than 45 minutes and you will be compensated with snacks!


More information/Informed consent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj7h5p4ejs4946g/Beckett%20Informed%20Consent.docx?dl=0


Your help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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