Please Consider Composting!

Hatter Harvest and Stetson Environmental Club are working on an initiative to increase composting on campus. And they want you join in this project! It is incredibly easy to participate – all you need to do is collect up compostable material and drop it off at the Hatter Harvest compost pile.

Compostable materials include:

  • Kitchen & Table Scraps
  • Bad Fruit (make sure to take stickers off first)
  • Bad Vegetables
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee Grounds / Tea Leaves

Collecting is super simple. Just place a box next to your trash can. If you cook at your dorm toss in any food scraps. If you eat fruit throughout the day make sure to toss in the peels or cores.  If any fruits or vegetables have bad spots, trim off the bad spot and toss it in as well. Then when the bin gets full, dump it at the compost pile at the Hatter Harvest farm next to the Rinker Environmental Learning Center.  And make sure to reuse or recycle the box afterwards. Thank You for helping us go green!

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