We Love Stetson!

The We Love Stetson campaign is underway as Development and Alumni Engagement staff are making their way around to visit areas throughout Stetson’s campuses, talking with people and sharing small treats of appreciation. This new campaign is designed to express gratitude toward faculty and staff partners in DeLand, Celebration, Gulfport and Tampa. It’s a dedicated time to say thank you for the time and talent you give to Stetson each day. Already a number of great conversations have taken place; conversations about why Stetson is a great place to be, suggestions of things that can improve, and questions about donating to support programs close to the heart.

Everyone does their part to make a Stetson education meaningful for students. For Development and Alumni Engagement staff, this means sharing the stories of your work with Stetson’s alumni and donors to keep them up to date, nurture meaningful relationships and even obtain funding that leads to further advancements at Stetson. These initiatives include:

  • student success programs
  • student research
  • scholarships
  • concert choir travel tours
  • library enhancements
  • the CUB renovation
  • new academic programs
  • endowed faculty positions
  • and so much more

Giving to Stetson

Interested in making a personal contribution to Stetson? For more information on this campaign and for ways to give, visit www.stetson.edu/welovestetson.

Already gave? Not interested? Have a treat anyway, and thanks for what you already give to Stetson every day.

If we missed you when we came to your area, contact us at development@stetson.edu, and we’ll make sure you get your treat!