Announcing #Stetsonupic Theme Weeks

The new semester has brought new changes to our #Stetsonupic Instagram photo contest for students: the introduction of #Stetsonupic Theme Weeks, with weekly crowd favorites and monthly winners! The StetsonU social media team provides a new theme each week to inspire student creativity, and you provide the incredible photos. We hope all students are as excited as we are for these fun photo opportunities! Starting Sunday, Feb. 1, the weekly themes are as follows:

  • 2.1.2015 -in honor of John B Well Week, show us how you maintain Hatter Wellness
  • 2.8.2015 – show us the most beautiful or romantic places on Stetson campus
  • 2.15.2015 – in honor of Black History Month, show us how Stetson is inclusive
  • 2.22.2015 –show us a photo featuring the College of Arts and Sciences
  • 3.1.2015 – show us your Stetson gear (shirts, hats, banners) in action during spring break
  • 3.8.2015 – show us what it means to be an individual, not a number, at Stetson
  • 3.15.2015 – show us a photo featuring the School of Business Administration
  • 3.22.2015 – show us your favorite Hatter Athletics team
  • 3.29.2015 – show us a photo featuring the School of Music
  • 4.5.2015 – show us what significance at Stetson means to you
  • 4.12.2015 – in honor of Stetson showcase, show us how research changes our views or understanding
  • 4.19.2015 – show us how you manage Finals Week
  • 4.26.2015 – show us your favorite moment from the Stetson school year

You don’t have to remember them all now! We’ll post reminders in social media.

Stetson students – not organizations! – are eligible to submit photos to the contest, provided the photos are Stetson-related, theme-appropriate for the week, and adhere to the university’s posting guidelines. And no selfies, please. Read our official posting guidelines on Facebook to learn what we consider appropriate content.

How to enter and win:
Follow our official Instagram page @stetsonu for contest updates and announcements.

  1. Tag your photos #stetsonupic to enter each week, Sunday-Saturday.
  2. Submitted photos will be reposted to @stetsonu where our followers will vote for their weekly favorites by liking the entries.
  3. The photo from each week with the most likes as of Sunday morning becomes that week’s winner, and that photo becomes one of the monthly finalists.
  4. From the weekly winners, their finalist photos will be posted on Facebook for the monthly contest, where users will vote for their favorite by liking the entries. Monthly voting will occur for a one-day-only period of Sunday morning until Monday morning.
  5. Winner of the each monthly contest receives a $50 Publix gift card!

We are excited to bring these contest updates to you, where you, the students, get crowd-sourced say over who has the best #Stetsonupic photos! Thank you for supporting and participating in this contest, and best of luck each week, Hatters!

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