Title IX Webpage

Dear Members of the Stetson Community,

Gender-based misconduct, sexual assault and violence, in all forms, adversely affects the opportunity for students and employees to fully engage in their work, studies and related activities at Stetson University’s campuses and centers. The university is committed to ongoing education and prevention of gender-based misconduct, sexual assault and violence on all of our campuses.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information and content of the Title IX pamphlet, which is included in the Title IX webpage at https://www.stetson.edu/other/title-ix/index.php. Hard copies have also been distributed to many offices that serve directly in a support role. These pamphlets can be distributed to students, faculty and staff who may need to better understand gender-based misconduct, sexual assault and violence, and what to do if they have been affected or know of someone in the community who has been directly affected.

Thank you for helping Stetson University foster a safe and positive climate in which to learn and work.


Dr. Christopher M. Kandus-Fisher
Vice President of Student Affairs
Title IX Coordinator