Stetson Cycles Supports Safe Cycling – Tune-ups, Lights, and More!

Do you ride a bicycle on campus or when commuting to campus?  Stetson Cycles wants to make sure that you are safe by offering bicycle tune-ups, a free bicycle pump, free bicycle registration help, and free bicycle taillights. Details below. (If you live close to Stetson you should really commute by bike!)

Tune-ups!  Just come to the Stetson Cycles Bike Shop from 9 a.m.-12 noon on Friday. We can fix most basic bicycle problems such as flat tires, rusty chains, nonworking brakes, and loose handlebars. We only charge for parts that need to be replaced and run on donations.

Free 24/7 Bicycle Pump! Right in front of our shop. Works with both Schrader and Presta valves. How-to instructions on pump.

Free bicycle registration help! We know how to register bikes and are right across the street from Public Safety. If your bicycle isn’t registered please come in and let us help you.

Free Bicycle Taillights! If you ride at night you need lights – it’s the law!  If you don’t have a taillight we have some free ones available at the shop.

High Security Bicycle Locks! We have high security bicycle chain locks at the shop for $21.20.  Come by on Friday to see.


The Stetson Cycles shop is located in a large gray garage across the street from the Rinker Environmental Learning Center and behind the new Grants Office. A map is available at the Stetson Cycles Facebook Page.

Stetson Cycles wants to remind students, faculty, and staff to register their bicycles with Public Safety and to always lock your bicycle. The Stetson Cycles shop is open Fridays from 9 a.m.-12 noon to provide basic repair service for bicyclists, provide free bicycling safety information, and to help answer bicyclists’ questions. We can also be contacted at

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