We need you to teach in our Road Scholar Programs!

Are you interested in earning extra cash for teaching in a subject area you enjoy talking about? We are looking for professors and instructors to teach in our Road Scholar (Elderhostel) program. You would teach 7.5 hours during the week to an enthusiastic group of eager to learn students. Almost any academic subject is acceptable. Many professors comment on how exciting it is to teach our Road Scholar classes.

This teaching opportunity is open to all Stetson professors or others as recommended. We are looking for the winter of 2016 and classes will be held in Daytona Beach. We are more than happy to work with your teaching schedule. You could teach on your days off or at different times morning, afternoon, or evening.

For more information or to reserve your dates, please call Cheri Gowan at 386-822-7500 or email her at  cgowan@stetson.edu.