Stetson Cycles reminds bicyclists to register their bicycle!

Stetson Cycles is here to help bicyclists. Please read below if you have a bicycle on campus because we are here for you!

If you have a bicycle on campus Stetson Cycles wants to remind you to register it with Public Safety.  Registration is free and will improve the chances of your bicycle being recovered if it is stolen.  If you need help getting your bicycle registered please go to the Public Safety office or come to our bicycle shop and we can help you.  For directions and hours please read below.

If you currently have a cable lock please contact Logan DodsonCable locks are not secure!  Logan Dodson (ldodson) is coordinating a group deal on high security bicycle locks as an upgrade from weak cable locks.  Please email him ASAP to get in on this group deal.

If your bicycle needs repair work please come by the Stetson Cycles Bicycle Shop.  We are open from 9 a.m.-12noon on Friday.  Our bicycle shop is located in the gray garage behind the Grants Office and right next to the Sage Hall upper parking lot.  Please view our Facebook page at for a map to help find us.  As a bonus, we have free safe riding information guides so stop by to pick one up.

If you have questions please email us at  We have fielded questions on everything from safe bicycling routes to Stetson to the bicycle laws in Florida and we may be able to answer your question.

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