Volunteers Needed for 2 Environmental Service Projects

Stetson Environmental Club has two service projects coming up soon:  a hydrilla removal project on Saturday, Sept. 6 and the International Coastal Cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 20. If you are available for either event please come volunteer with us.  More information and instructions below.

On Sept. 6 we will be removing hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) from the spring basin at Deleon Springs State Park.  In case you are not familiar with hydrilla, it is an invasive species originally from Asia that grows in almost any freshwater system and forms dense mats that can impede the use of waterways for recreational purposes. The goal of our project is to eliminate all growing hydrilla including both stems and underground tubers from the spring basin.  This is important because water is constantly flowing out of the spring basin and if fragments of the hydrilla break off these could be carried out to the Saint John’s River and lead to a massive infestation.
On Sept. 20 we will participating in the International Coastal Cleanup at Daytona Beach.  In 2013, 8,315 pounds of trash were removed from the beaches, islands, and waterways of Volusia County – 8,315 pounds of trash that will never make it to the ocean.  If more people participate all across the county this year that total can be raised.
If you can join us for either event please email Logan Dodson (ldodson) to sign up.  In addition, please pass along this information to anyone you feel would be interested in helping out at the project.  Thank You and have a great day.
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