Students: Important Insurance Information

All students enrolled at Stetson University are expected to have adequate health insurance to cover them while attending the University.

If you do not currently have health coverage, a Student Injury and Sickness Plan is available to all eligible students through United Healthcare Student Resources. This plan provides coverage from Aug. 12, 2014 through Aug. 11, 2015.  Information regarding this plan is shown below.

International Students: Per university policy and the Cultural Exchange Act, International students with a student visa who have not been granted permanent residency status, are required have a health insurance plan that will adequately cover their medical and health needs in the University/Central Florida area while they attend the University.  Students who do not already have adequate insurance coverage when they begin attending Stetson University are required to enroll in and purchase the United Health Care Student Insurance plan or obtain a similar adequate plan.  Proof of an adequate insurance plan must be furnished to the Stetson International Learning Office.  Phone: 386-822-8165 / Email:

For more information about insurance for International Students, please go to the Student Insurance website:    – Then click on the “International Students” Tab at the right.

United Healthcare Student Plan Info and Enrollment:

This plan is available to both Domestic/U.S. students and International students.

Students may enroll and access information about the United Healthcare student insurance plan at:

Select “Stetson University-DeLand/Celebration Campus” from the “Find my School” drop down menu. Please see the “Review Brochures” link for general plan information and to review rates.  Go to the “Enroll Now” Link to complete the enrollment form.

PLEASE NOTE:   Enrollment Grace Period Ends on Midnight, September 10, 2014! 

You must complete an enrollment form by that date to obtain the insurance coverage.  Students will not be able to enroll in this plan after that date and time unless they have a qualifying event. 

If you have any questions about the student insurance plan, or need information on eligibility or “qualifying events,” please go to the First Student website.  (Choose “Stetson University, Deland/Celebration from drop-down box at top of page)

The Brochure Info Flyer provides answers to most questions.  Qualifying events are explained under the “Enroll Now” tab.  You may also call First Student Customer Service at 800-505-4160  (For basic questions you may also contact the Risk Management Office at:  or call: 386-822-7701)

— Thank you for your attention to this important matter. —