Consider buying locally as you return to Stetson

Stetson Environmental Club and Stetson Cycles want to encourage you to consider buying locally and from non-chain stores as you come to Stetson for Fall 2014.  Please see below for several reasons why…

Consider buying from non-chain stores…
– Studies have shown that when you purchase from a small, locally owned business significantly more money stays in the local economyStudies.  Especially, purchasing from a thrift shop, can support the work of a charity to help solve local or global problems.
Provide more jobs.  Small businesses are the largest employer nationally and provide more jobs in a local area.  Sustainable Connections.
Save money.  At many thrift shops you can find gently used items for significantly less than at a store and in almost exactly the same condition.  Does your microwave need to be new?  The money you save buying a gently used one can be spent on textbooks or other items you need and can help you stay within budget.
Reduce environmental impact.  Non-chain stores may sell locally-grown or locally-created merchandise.  By being locally obtained the merchandise has not traveled as far so less carbon pollution has been created between source and sale.
Food is fresher.  If you purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables these may have been picked only hours before instead of a week before.  Local Harvest.

If you are buying a bicycle…
Chain store bicycles are cheap and poorly made. Bicycles obtained from chain stores are often made of low-quality components that make repairs difficult or impossible and degrade significantly faster when left in the rain.  For more information please contact Stetson Cycles.
Get better help and products at local bike shops.  Local bicycle shops, such as the DeLand Cyclery or JC’s, often have greater experience with the merchandise they sell and can provide better recommendations.  They also source better quality products because their business depends on customers being satisfied – not buying a lot.

Consider joining Stetson Environmental Club if you want to join in service to improve our environment and reduce our environmental impact – we are on OrgSync.  Consider joining Stetson Cycles to be active in the local bicycling community – we are on Facebook.