Do you need to bring a car to campus? Consider bicycling!

Hello Hatters,

Fall semester will be starting in a few short weeks and you are probably preparing for coming to Stetson.  So, at this time we would like you to think about whether you will really need a car on campus.  Many students do not bring a car to campus because they find that having a car is not very helpful.  Here are a few of their reasons:

  • The cost of parking on campus and limited availability of parking on campus. A parking permit for a vehicle will cost $75 and is only valid for certain locations on campus. This comes before the cost of gasoline for driving the vehicle – which could get expensive. In addition, there is limited parking on Stetson’s campus and you may have trouble getting a parking spot during peak use times.  Bicycle parking is free and there are bicycle racks all across campus.
  • There are lots of things to do on campus. Events organized by student organizations and campus departments are constantly happening. There is so much activity on campus that you will often not have to leave campus to find something to do.
  • Beat the freshman 15. Walking, running, biking, and skateboarding are all good ways to get around Stetson’s campus and DeLand and will help you get some exercise. Exercise is known to act as a stress reliever and will help you keep your fitness goals.
  • Stetson is very close to the center of DeLand so places to shop and eat are very close by. CVS, Save-a-lot, Big Lots, and plenty of great restaurants are within 1 mile of campus. Getting errands done can bring you some fresh air and a little exercise.
  • DeLand is built for walking or biking. A bike path runs through part of campus and leads down into downtown DeLand. In addition, almost all roads around Stetson’s campus have sidewalks so you can go almost anywhere around DeLand without leaving a sidewalk.   In addition, during rush hour Woodland Blvd often becomes very congested. Bicyclists have often been known to get through DeLand faster than automobile drivers during rush hour.
  • There is a low-cost, student run bike shop on campus. If you decide to bring a bicycle to campus the student organization Stetson Cycles runs a full service bicycle shop to help beginner to advanced cyclists with tune-ups and repairs for all makes and models. In addition, they organize bicycle rides around DeLand and will teach you how to be a safe bicycle rider for free. A bicycle will allow you to commute all around DeLand in minutes and it never needs gas or insurance.
  • Stetson University has Zipcar on campus. Whether you need a car for only a few hours or a whole day you can rent a vehicle that is conveniently parked behind the Carlton Union Building. For more information about the Zipcar program please visit

Before coming to Stetson, please consider whether having a car will really benefit you.  Would alternative transportation such as a bicycle, scooter or skateboard work better?

Have a great day!

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