Bicycle Removal From Racks Beginning Wednesday, June 4

Attention all faculty, staff, and students.  On Wednesday, June 4, all bicycles left on campus over the summer will be removed from the bicycle racks and placed into storage.  If you are still using your bicycle and locking it to a rack don’t be alarmed.  Please go out to your bicycle and sign and date the tag that was placed on your handlebars.  Follow this up with an email to to let Public Safety know not to cut the bike from the rack.  Leave your name, phone number and description of your bike, along with the location of the rack you have it chained to.  Bicycles that do not have a signed tag will be cut from the bike rack and impounded. If you forget to pick up a tag you will be able to claim your bike at any time by contacting Public Safety at 386-822-7300 but will need a serial number, store receipt or Public Safety bicycle registration sticker as proof that you own the bicycle.

For all bicycle owners, please register your bicycle with Public Safety if you have not already done so. It is free, takes about 5 minutes, and can help reduce the chance your bicycle will be stolen and increase the chances of recovery if it is stolen. This can be done at the Public Safety Office or Stetson Cycles shop anytime either is open. Please feel free to contact Public Safety at 386-822-7300 or Stetson Cycles at Always have and use the strongest bicycle lock to ensure your bicycle does not get stolen!