Attention All Students With a Bicycle on Campus

Stetson Cycles is partnering with Public Safety to offer free secure bicycle storage over the summer for students! The bicycles will be stored in a climate controlled safe area that is protected from rain and thieves. All students who own bicycles on campus should take advantage of this because bicycles left on the racks over summer will be removed and impounded. The process to get your bicycle safely stored is very simple – just come by the Stetson Cycles shop between 10AM-2PM on Thursday, May 1. Stetson Cycles will check your bicycle in and register it with Public Safety if it is not already registered (registration is free). This whole process will most likely take less than 10 minutes. If you are taking your bicycle home over the summer but need help attaching a bicycle rack to your car we can also help you (just come by the shop).

Directions to the Stetson Cycles shop:

From Sage Hall – Start at the south entrance (where the bicycle rack is). Look for the upper parking lot about 500ft away and up a small hill. Go to the upper parking lot and look for a large grey garage on the southwest corner (with a tall palm tree out front). You have found the Stetson Cycles shop!
From the Gillespie Museum / RELC – Walk north out of the RELC and look for the Grants Office sign. Walk up the Grants Office driveway and look for the gray garage on the left behind the building. You have found the Stetson Cycles garage!

Contact for Stetson Cycles:
Contact for Public Safety: Stop by the office or call 386-822-7300

Helping keep you safe,

Stetson Cycles
Public Safety